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Romans one by one

Romans1by1 is a population database accommodating people attested epigraphically (mainly) in the Roman Empire. It is a dynamic tool, continuously expanding and subject to change. At this moment, we have made available on-line all personal files for people attested in: Dacia Porolissensis, Dacia Inferior, parts of Dacia Superior (Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa & territorium, Băile Herculane, Tibiscum) and Tomis from Moesia Inferior.

Each Inscription file and Personal file includes all information available on the given epigraph. The Search Filters include all fields.

For questions or suggestions, you can write to Dr. Rada Varga, the coordinator of the project or address the persons responsible for each area/category covered

Dacia Superior + Dacia Inferior: Dr. Imola Boda -

Dacia Porolissensis: Dr. Rada Varga – + Dr. Dan Deac -

Moesia Inferior: Annamária Pázsint -

Citation model: copy URL link for the personal file (as, where 526 is the person’s unique ID)

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